Photo by Mika



My name is Déji Kalakuta. The origins of my name 'Kalakuta' pays a tribute to Fela Kuti. 'Kalakuta' is the communal compound that housed Fela's family, his band members, dancers, and recording studio.  

Déji Kalakuta is an independent quality design brand based in Toronto, combining idiosyncratic style with exclusive tailoring finish.

You wouldn't call me a typical designer as I use fashion as a means of expression. I started designing back in 2017 after graduating from the UforChange Fashion Program in Toronto. Most of my work tell various different stories but they all connect back to my personal experience of being an immigrant in Canada. I am a proud Nigerian who has been fortunate enough to learn and embrace the multicultural fabric of Canada - and, that is expressed through the collective work I produce.

Functionality, creativity and modernity are the essential elements that I believe in as a brand and therefore sparks the foundations of each collection.

I created Déji Kalakuta clothing brand because I wanted to get centered and unlock my creative side. Déji Kalakuta was created out of love, my love for arts & fashion, my love for creativity and the energy behind my best spent days and most successful goals.